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The company BIAGRO is committed to raising awareness among its customers regarding the information collected and used to provide a better browsing experience. Therefore, we present our privacy policy, which aims to clarify the use of this information.

The Privacy Policy, approved by the Senior Management of the BIAGRO company, aims to ensure compliance with Federal Law No. 13,709/2018, the General Data Protection Law.

By visiting, you accept the practices described in this privacy policy.

The content of this site is aimed at farmers and agricultural professionals.

BIAGRO company has the following purposes and principles:

Our Mission

To be a company in the microbiological segment of the national market, recognized for the quality of products and services offered. Provide technological solutions to the Brazilian market, within our segment, with a differentiated focus on quality, innovation, and specialized technical support.

To be a reference in the Brazilian agribusiness, as a company in the microbiological sector, being recognized for the excellence of products and services offered, operating with transparency and respecting agreements established with the different stakeholders with whom the companies interact, promoting lasting and trustworthy relationships, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, motivated, and proud, working with friendship, respect, cooperation, and unity.

Our Vision

To be a reference in the Brazilian agribusiness as a company in the microbiological sector, recognized for the excellence of the products and services marketed, operating with transparency and respecting the agreements established with the different audiences with whom the companies relate, fostering lasting and trustworthy bonds, promoting an environment where everyone feels valued, motivated, and proud, working with friendship, respect, cooperation, and unity.

Our Values

To contribute to the integral development of the communities where we operate and society in general, respecting their culture and customs, establishing sustainable management of processes based on the balance between economic, social, and environmental dimensions, being fair, objective, and clear with our employees, clients, and suppliers, fostering trust in personal and professional relationships.

When you purchase our products, access our website, apply for a job vacancy, or enter into a contract with us, you are entrusting us with numerous pieces of information about yourself.

Your trust and security are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we have prepared this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to inform you about how our company collects, uses, shares, and protects your Personal Data.

Additionally, this Policy aims to inform you of your rights regarding this information and how to exercise them with our company.

You have several rights defined in Brazilian data protection legislation, including, among others, the right to confirm the existence of processing of your personal data, request access to change or remove your personal data, or change your preferences (including revoking your consent at any time).

For more information about our company’s data collection and usage practices, please read this Privacy Policy.

If you have any questions, we provide an appropriate contact channel at the end of this page.

Data Collection and Customer Control Policy

What information do we process about you?

Depending on the relationship you have with BIAGRO, we may collect different categories of Personal Data, such as:

  • Information that identifies you or makes you identifiable, including, for example, your name, ID, CPF (Brazilian Taxpayer Registry), driver’s license, professional registration, marital status, gender, profession, nationality, date of birth, parentage;
  • Contact information, such as postal address, ZIP code, landline or cell phone number, email, etc.;
  • Behavioral information, such as consumer profile or online browsing habits;
  • Manifestly public information;
  • Attributes associated with your electronic devices, such as IP address, installed fonts, language, browser settings, and time zone.

How do we collect your personal data?

The Personal Data we have about you may have been provided directly by you, by third parties, or collected automatically. We may also collect some data that is publicly available.

To ensure greater clarity, the breakdown of the correspondence between sources and the information collected is as follows:

Source – Provided Directly by You

Information Collected: During your relationship with us, whether through contact via the website through “customer service”, “work with us”, or “client access”, or in the hiring of one of the products we offer or supplier registration, you share with us numerous Personal Data, which we use for the purposes that are informed to you.

Source – Automatically

Information Collected: In some situations, we may collect data automatically from the devices you use to access our website or mobile application. Collecting this information ensures a better understanding of your use of our online platforms. Some of this data may be collected through cookies or similar technology, as explained in this document.

Source – Publicly Available

Information Collected: We also collect information about you that is publicly available, including but not limited to confirming invalid addresses and emails.

How do we use your information?

BIAGRO company processes your Personal Data for various purposes. Below are the main ones listed.

Meeting the purpose for which the data was provided

We may use the data you have provided us for the purposes informed to you at the time of collecting your information and for other compatible purposes.

For example, to respond to or stay in contact with you, administer your supply contract for the products, among other purposes.

Complying with legal or regulatory obligations

Your Personal Data may be used to fulfill obligations established by law, regulations from governmental bodies or tax authorities, by the Judiciary, and/or by other competent authorities.

When we process personal data of our employees, we are complying with labor and social security legislation.


We can also process the data for legitimate purposes involving the continuity of our operations, always observing the limits of your expectations and never to the detriment of your interests, rights, and fundamental freedoms.

Your data may be considered, for example, in internal studies on the use of our products or customer service center, to allow for better distribution and allocation of internal resources, or to measure the quality and level of satisfaction with our services provided.


Additionally, we may use your contact information to send advertising communications, news, offers, and promotions that may be of interest to you.

If you feel uncomfortable and no longer wish to receive any advertising material, you can contact us at any time expressing your desire for us to cease such processing.


Finally, we also process your data to verify that you are indeed who you claim to be and thus prevent fraud.


Even after the termination of the contractual relationship, we may process some of your Personal Data to exercise our rights guaranteed by law and/or government regulations, including as evidence in judicial, administrative, or arbitration proceedings.

The data of employees stored for this purpose is due to labor legislation. In other cases, there will be the termination of data processing and the deletion of the data.


Cookies are text files that can be stored on your electronic devices when you visit a website or use an online service. This is a common practice on the internet as it helps websites function correctly and optimizes the user experience on the website.

BIAGRO company uses cookies for various purposes, such as counting how many visitors we receive on our website, enabling you to navigate in a personalized way to remember your ad settings, and more.

When the site is accessed, a notice about the use of cookies will be presented to the user.

All these purposes can be grouped into the four categories outlined below.

Types of cookies:

1. Necessary – These are essential cookies to enable the proper functioning of our website, as well as to allow you to use all available features.

2. Performance – These are cookies that help us understand how visitors interact with our website, providing information about the areas visited, the time spent on the site, and any problems encountered.

3. Functional – These are cookies that allow our website to remember your previous choices, such as browsing language. In addition to providing a personalized experience, these cookies allow you to fill in fields for comments, among other things.

4. Marketing – These are cookies used to provide more relevant content for your interests. They can also be used to display advertising more targeted or limit the number of times it is shown. They also enable the mediation of an advertising campaign.

It is important to note that necessary cookies are essential for the normal operation of this website, and opposition to the use of this tool may result in the inability to use the services available here or the suspension of access.

Users have the option to accept or reject the use of these cookies.

If desired, users can block cookies directly in their browser, preventing them from being created. Users can also delete cookies already saved through their browser settings. But please note: if cookies are disabled, rejected, or blocked, certain parts of the site may not function properly.

At any time, the Data Subject may revoke their consent regarding cookies by deleting them from the page using their preferred browser settings. For more information on how to manage cookies in browsers:

Internet Explorer:

Mozilla Firefox:

Google Chrome:


It is emphasized that if the Data Subject does not accept some cookies, certain parts of the site may not function properly.

Security Measures for the Customer

In computer usage

It is very important for the customer to protect their information against unauthorized access to their computer, account, or password. The customer should always make sure to click on “log out” when ending their browsing on a shared computer.

Only use original programs and systems and keep them always updated, especially the security patches of the operating system of your devices as well as antivirus and anti-malware programs. These programs are essential for your digital security.

BIAGRO company warns all customers that they will never send electronic messages requesting confirmation of data or with attachments that can be executed (extensions: .exe, .com, among others) or links for possible download payment slips.


The BIAGRO company may share your Personal Data with Third Parties, such as government agencies, the Judiciary, financial institutions, business partners, service providers, among others.

You can access the categories of Third Parties with whom we share your Personal Data through the form for exercising the rights of personal data subjects by requesting contact as per the end of this policy.

We use contractual instruments, policies, and audits to ensure that any Third Party receiving your Personal Data guarantees them adequate protection.


“The safety and confidentiality of our clients’ information are crucial to our business. However, the feasibility of certain services by our partners only occurs with the sharing of some of this information, which we do responsibly and in accordance with all parameters outlined in this Privacy Policy. Below, we cite the cases where information sharing is necessary, with which the user declares to be aware and agree:

Suppliers: Supplier companies and third parties work with the BIAGRO company to enhance our business. Many of these services are only possible with the sharing of our clients’ information, however, it is important to reinforce that their use is authorized only for the contracted purposes.

Partners: The BIAGRO company may share personal and registration data, browsing information, and purchase data with its commercial and financial partners, who provide services or offer related products, such as law firms, accounting offices, and IT service providers.

Judicial Request: The BIAGRO company may share personal data in case of a judicial request.

With the customer’s authorization: in other cases, if there is a need to share information, we will send the customer a notification requesting their approval or disapproval.”

Data Protection

At BIAGRO company, we are committed to transparency regarding the data we collect about you, why we collect it, how we process it, and how we share it. We handle your data with extreme care, ensuring that your privacy is protected. By using our services, you consent to the use of your data as outlined in this privacy policy.

Through our updated privacy policy, in compliance with Federal Law No. 13,709/2018 (General Data Protection Law – LGPD), we aim to provide you with better ways to access your data, understand how it is used, and choose whether or not you wish to subscribe to certain communications. We hope this policy is clear to you.

We adhere to some fundamental principles:

– We weigh the personal information we ask you to provide against the personal information we collect from you during the operation of our services.
– We store personal information only for the necessary period and if we have a reason to keep it.
– Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to control the personal information we store.
– We seek complete transparency as we collect, use, and share your personal information.
– We do not retain your data longer than necessary to provide the services.

Our collection and processing of your personal data are based on legal processing. The legal basis for data processing includes explicit consent provided by you and through a contract with you, as well as legitimate business interests, including the provision of our products and services. Any consent you provide can be revoked by you at any time. However, regarding legitimate business interests, you have the right to object to the collection and processing of data. In this case, we reserve the right to delete your account to comply with your objection to storing and processing your data.

BIAGRO company is the DATA CONTROLLER of customer data for the provision of products.

How do we keep your personal data secure?

The security of your personal information is a priority. Therefore, we have internal policies and procedures that determine how Personal Data should be handled by BIAGRO company, including yours.

BIAGRO company adopts technical measures capable of keeping your Personal Data secure and protected from unauthorized access and accidental or unlawful situations of destruction, loss, alteration, communication, or any other form of improper or unlawful Processing, always in light of applicable rules on data protection and information security.

As examples of some measures we take:

– Strict control of Personal Data Processing, including access limitation;
– Access authentication mechanisms, including passwords and two-factor authentication systems, when applicable, ensuring the individualization of records;
– Detailed inventory of connection records, including the moment, duration, identity of the responsible party, and the accessed file;
– Record management solutions through techniques that ensure data inviolability, including encryption or equivalent protection measures; and
– Periodic training of employees and collaborators regarding the Processing of Personal Data.


You have the following rights regarding your Personal Data:

– Know if we process any of your Personal Data and, if so, which ones;
– Correct incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data when necessary;
– Request anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive, or unlawfully processed data;
– Request data portability to another service or product provider, if expressly done;
– Request the deletion of data processed with your Consent;
– Obtain information about public or private entities with which we share your data;

When the Processing activity requires your Consent, you may refuse to consent. In this case, we will inform you about the consequences of not performing such activity. If you consent, you may revoke it at any time.

You may exercise your rights through the contacts provided on our website available at the end of this page.

Before completing your request, it may be necessary to verify your identity. We will send a link to verify your email address and may request documentation or additional information solely for the purpose of verifying your identity.

When this is not possible, you may contact our Data Protection Officer, whose contact information is available at the end of this page.

Version and Update of the Privacy Policy:

Timely changes to this “Privacy Policy,” suitable for adapting to new internal processes of BIAGRO company, to new understandings of the Legislative and Judicial Powers, will be published on this website, by editing a new Version.

Version of 08/11/2022 – subject to updates.

Contact and Questions

If you have any questions, please contact us through the form for exercising the rights of data subjects, available on our website, at the following link:

Contact email:

Mailing address:
11125 North Ambassador Drive
Suite 120
Kansas City
MO 64153 USA

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